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You’ve been begging me all day, princess. Well now it’s time. Don’t waste a drop now.

I always love it when a man holds his cock to my lips as he cums, and gently feeds his load into my mouth, telling me to taste it and savour it and swallow every drop.

I always feel really cheap and slutty, and humiliated that I’m doing this and ashamed that I’m letting a man treat me this way…

But then I look up at him, his cum still on my tongue, his cock shooting the last few drops into my mouth…. and I know this is all I’m good for. this is what I am - a cheap, submissive, desperate little slut. And I love it, and love him for reminding me.

Well that seems familiar ;) 

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Brown eyes are and will always be my favorite eye color. Big brown eyes are so attractive.

It literally confuses me why more people don’t appreciate them and everyone obsesses over blue eyes. Brown eyes are so warm and nice to look into. Like I’m mesmerized sometimes when I look into them. Blue eyes have always seemed cold to me honestly. 

modoki-things-and-stuff yeah so there!

Hey! I’ve always told you how much i love your eyes! :P

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